Thursday, October 31, 2013

What is more painful?

Death coming to someone close to you suddenly? Or knowing someone is going to die in few weeks/months because of an illness?

Is that too sadistic a question? Maybe it is. But this kept going in my head for a long time and I had to put it down here. Your thoughts?


  1. no its not, have been thinking on almost same lines for past few days.
    And there are no direct answers to it, pain is pain, it can't be generalized like that.
    One makes you numb or too shocked to gauge or understand the enormity of loss and other one slowly seeps into your mind, subconsciously prepares (or tries to) , keeps on preparing you for the inevitable. But in the end ...pain is pain. a loss is a loss.
    Depressing yes, painful ..don't know.
    I'm not making sense now, so should stop.

    1. To some extent I understand and agree what you have said. There are times when I feel sudden death may not be as painful because in the other case you know its inevitable and approaching. Its like you have been inflicted with a wound and the time keeps gnawing at the wound. I remember the time from Ma's illness. To continue living knowing that its gonna happen any day was caps, bold, underline, font size 100 ...if you know what I mean.

      On the other hand, sudden death I think leaves you numb initially and then the pain slowly seeps in.

      But I think you are right. They both are painful. The only difference is when do you start feeling the pain.

  2. i have restarted my blog.... feeling better for it :-) hoe to see u back soon...