Thursday, September 6, 2012

What do you do when... day you wear a bright colored floral printed pyajama unlike your usual plain colored ones and your 8 year son, with a totally flabbergasted look on his face, asks you "Why are you wearing such girly stuff? Take it off!!"?

And when I responded "But I'm a girl!" was snubbed "But this is tooo girly so wear something else!"

*Rolling my eyes*


  1. Two lessons in that one:

    1.wear more girly stuff ALWAYS so as to not shock your kids

    2. Your boy already knows the difference between girly girls and just girls

  2. LOL
    That is so cute! :)

  3. heh heh, sometimes I hate how frank and truthful kids are! It hurts. Like my niece, she's the only person in the world who honestly tells me I'm FAAT and look like Ben 10 in an occasional sleeveless top ;)