Monday, August 3, 2009

Reliving my childhood - Part 1

Today Betu was singing the lines which took me to 20 yrs in the past. It reminded me of the game we used to play.

The lines were -
"I wrote a letter to my father
On the way I dropped it.
Someone came and picked it up
And put it in his pocket...pocket...pocket!"

Now you remember the game?

For those who couldn't, it was a game played in group where 2 people would stand face to face, join hands in the shape of a bridge and others would take a circle around them and go under the bridge. And these two people would trap a person after saying the word "pocket" third time. And then that 'captured' person would go and stand behind any of these two players. And it would end with a tug of war.

Now you remember?

Singing this along with my son after so many years felt so very wonderful. I know I will have many more of such moments and that's why I have made a series out of it :)

Any similar incident you can think of?

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  1. A tisket, a tasket
    in my yellow basket
    I wrote a letter to my mother
    on the way I lost it...
    Lost it...

    Cool.. I am gonna keep humming it now.. :)

  2. We never played this game. Sounds fun. I recently started playing Cats in The Cradle with my older girls. Its a string game thats tied and you use both hands and fingers to do various string formations. I played after many many years and yet I instinctively
    knew what to do. My girls were shocked that their mama played this game.Because apparently dinosaurs were roaming when I was a kid

  3. yup! we used to play this too! thanks for reminding :) .. i'm going to teach it to my 3 year old.

  4. ooh.. this is such a sweeet post... loved it. Yes, we did play this game.. we had 2 songs.. one in Hindi and one in English.. and there are hajaar such memories we have with Ishaan.. look forward to more on the series..

  5. we played this game but the sond was different..a hindi one ..dont remember it full :(

    Poshmpa bhai poshampa,
    dakuon ne kya kiya ,
    100 rupae ki shart lagayi,

    I forgot the rest :P

  6. Oh wow! Fond memories! I think we used to sing 'Oranges n Lemons' though when we used to play this game!

  7. Yeah we did this to Oranges and Lemons too. For the Postman song, we all sat in a circle facing each other and the 'den' would go round the outside of the circle with a 'letter'. He would then quietly drop it behind a person's back. That person had to guess it was behind his back before the den came back for his next round or he was the next den. Or something like that...

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  9. Hey that's a mixture of two games that I played as a child, 'sent a letter' and 'oranges and lemon'. In the former we sat on the ground in a circle and in the latter two people stood making an arch as you say....ohhh those carefree days....

  10. I was pained to see that some trolls have arrived at your blog, can't you cut these people out entirely instead of merely deleting their comments?

  11. We used to sing it like this:

    Poshampa bhai Poshmpa
    Dakiyon ne kya kiya
    100 rs ki ghari churai
    Ab to jail mein jana padega
    Jail ki roti khani padegi
    Jail ka Pani pena padega.

  12. we played this game sitting in a circle on the ground while a girl dropped 'the letter' behind someone without her knowing it and so on.

  13. The exact same game we played ... our song was Oranges and Lemon ... such lovely games and memories I tell ya

  14. something like oranges and lemons even i have played. i remember playing a similar game and finally catching hold of the last person when the song ends..reading dis post is a coincidence,coz i was trying hard to remember tht song some days bac..which i still cant..