Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This is my entry for this months topic of 'Treasure' at the monthly contest at Point & Shoot.
July 7, 2008 : In our house
Title: The treasure of flight!

It was around 6:40 PM and me and Betu had just returned home after I had picked him up from his daycare. As I was busy trying to unlock the jammed lock I heard Betu shriek and then he started to jump up and down. I swung my head towards him a little bewildered wondering what triggered all this. When I looked at him, I saw such a big smile on his face, gleam in his eyes and happiness that cannot be told in words. He pointed at a leaf of the 'champa' plant in our house at the entrance and said "Mumma dekho! Butterfly!". And when I focussed I saw this - A lime green butterfly which was almost camouflaged with the leaf. It sat there even when Betu tried to touch it and did not flutter away as butterflies usually do. As if it was waiting for Betu. Once Betu had touched it couple of times that it flew away! And Betu shrieked again..in happiness. It was truly a 'treasure' found by him making him so happy. Now you know why I chose this picture for sending for the contest.

And did I tell you my previous entry to the contest was declared the winner in that months' topic "lonely' :D

P.S. The resolution & quality of the photo is not great since I used my phone to click this.


  1. that is a nice pic...i liked the lonely one too..the caption was so apt...

    CONGRATs on winning that one...


  2. It's a great pic. :)way to go!

  3. thats a lovely pic and congrats for the previous award... i remember that snap it was brillaint

  4. :)

    loved the pic ofcos, but loved the story of the pic more!! took me also time to find the butterfly! i thot the leaf had a heartshaped hole! :p



  5. heyy... congrats!! :)
    love this one too... but love the story more... :)

  6. isn't this picture close to what you saw??


    your post brought back a long lost memory of when as a kid i had realized that the brown leaf sitting on my window was actually a brown butterfly whose wings were of the exact same color and shape of dried leaves... even the veins on the leaf were exactly replicated on the butterfly's wings (a small stalk was included too). some research later i found out that these are a butterfly's defense tactics to save themselves from predators by merging with their environment... lime green in rains and dirty brown in autumn... awesome isn't it!

  7. now that you've got me all excited... here is the brown moth faking to be a leaf... awesome isn't it!! my brown butterfly was much more delicate and subtle :o)


  8. Congrats on winning! And wishing u the best to win this one too.

  9. COngrats on winning... Where's the treat? ;)

    All the best for this entry too...

  10. Thanks all!

    I know without the story the picture is nothing!

    Manasi: Those were some amazing butterfly pics!!

  11. NM,
    More than the photo, your story is beautiful. And this time if you win. don't forget to bring in the trophy (and hopefully something else too).

  12. And tell Betu, his painting is beautiful. I am going to steal them one day. :D

  13. Hey Congrats!!! Way to go.can we also put in our entries? BTw, what i love the most is when you take pictures of the dishes you have cooked.Awesome