Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The 3 Mistakes Of My Life

I bought Chetan Bhagat's "The 3 Mistakes of My Life" over the weekend and finished reading it as well.

This was my first Chetan Bhagat novel. It was a nice read. Can't say very good but decent enough. Again I will say its a good filler. Only at a few points you felt something for the characters in the book. Mostly it was kind of flat.

I guess my tastes in books require something which gives you an adrenaline rush. Something that makes you feel overwhelmed, where you feel what the character is feeling at various points in the book. Do you get what I'm trying to say?

Anyone read it? What do you feel about the book?


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  2. I know the feeling. I agree 3 mistakes doesn't make you feel for characters.
    "5.someone" written by same author is much better. It reminded me so much of my hostel days. One feels part of the story.

  3. Hmm, you should try One Night At the Call Center then.. same author.. was better than this one..

  4. I agree with Rishi. I quite liked 5.someone myself & now I have One night.....lying on my shelf for several months-unread. Just don't get the inclination to read these days.

  5. FPS was just readable once. ONATCC was horrible! after that i had no intention of picking up this one!! for sure!

    add to that a pal said compated to this ONATCC was better, it sealed the fate of this book totally!!



  6. Din't have the heart to read this one!Read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand? Its a cult in itself and there are only two reactions possible after reading it-you can either love it or hate it completely :D

  7. 3 mistakes - it is good as a time -pass book. better than one night @ CC (that was a horrible book, and now they r making a movie of it :P ). Of his three book,s i like 5PT. some one better.
    Try books by Ayn Rand, Ishiguro, Roald Dahl or if u want fast paced thrillers, try Patterson, Matthew Reilly, Baldacci - the list goes on...

  8. i'm off chetan bhagat's novels. completely. read 5 point coz of the hype... it was passable... read one night... due to lack of anything else to do. and swore would never read him again. it's not my type of writing.

  9. have you read this book "My sister's keeper" by jodi picoult...

    read it and let me know what you think...

  10. Everyone does a mistake.. Wondering how the mistakes Mr CB mentioned become such huge???

    Read his first book. That's a juicy one.
    Second n third aren't worth reading.

    My review:

  11. quote-
    Something that makes you feel overwhelmed, where you feel what the character is feeling at various points in the book. Do you get what I'm trying to say?
    end quote.

    i think i know what you really need to pickup now! just grab "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte and let her sweep you away in a completely different world of 1800s and you will never feel the 2 century glide away from your shoulders! as for me, i am reading this novel for the 4th time (first time in 2000) and it never ceases to surprise me that everytime i read it, i felt differently about the characters... of course in line of progression to my emotional IQ!!

  12. Well! I did read the book sometime back, and finished it in record time! Chetan uses quite simple (or should I call that ordinary?) language, and makes the story seem like a ready made plot for a Bollywood movie! And yes, as you mentioned it, one doesn't feel related to the characters though they are picked up from the background of regular people.
    My post on this:

  13. Hey ~nm!
    '3 mistakes..' was also my first Chetan Bhagat book, and I was disappointed. The only thing that took me through the book was my interest in the rise of fundamentalism in Gujarat - but mostly I felt like I was watching a bad Bollywood film!

  14. What I feel is this:- aka the third mistake made my Mr Chetan Bhagat. The key to not fall is to understand the nature of writer and not having much expectations if you picked them anyways!