Monday, August 4, 2008


Whenever I read the word change, I am reminded of a funny toon strip. It was from the Archie's comics. I will try to put the wordings from the toon here from whatever I can remember. But the meaning will be the same as the original strip.

Moose: I don't like change

Archie: But Moose its essential to grow and learn things.

Moose: But I still don't like it.

Archie: Why?

Moose (takes out some coins from his pocket, pulls out the pocket lining that has a whole and says): Coz it makes holes in my pockets

:D I know its not THAT funny but somehow it has lingered on in my memory since I read it.

Anyways, coming to the "change" I started to write about was because of the tag that was passed on by Alapana wherein I had to list the changes that happened in me or the way I do certain things or look at other things ever since the significant other, hubby, came into my life.

Interesting. Very interesting. Because I never thought of it at all. I've cribbed many a times on the thigns I hate about hubby or that make me mad but I never thought about the good things that have happened because of him. So this tag has given me a reason to look back and appreciate dear hubby :)

I've become a little confident of my cooking skills because of the appreciations he showers on me :)

I've become totally laid back when it comes to buying veggies and fruits. He does it all the time so I'm totally free from that duty.

I've learnt to be not so hyper about things.

I've become a happier person generally.

So these are a few of the good things that have happened to me since hubby came into my life.

PG, Life Begins and Swati - Please share what changes your significant other has brought in you.


  1. I love that comic strip too :)

  2. that was funny! .D
    Will pick up the tag.....uhhh... soon! ;)

  3. aww cuute. Yeah, we forget the good things at times. :)

  4. awww.... and u did not choose me for THIS tag.. for the first time ever, i m sad at not being tagged.. :-(

  5. i love moose for being himself...GOOFY just like me...

    wish you lots of such lovely change in life

  6. Wow, thank you for completing the tag:) and i like that he gets all veggies,Hmmm,now let me go and have a talk about my hubby about this point:)

  7. yeah... so easy to take things for granted, eh?
    really nice tag! :)

  8. this was a nice tag...

    it pays to appreciate...i live on it...:D

  9. its good to appreciate good things!!

    great job nm!!



  10. lovely tag....makes you to take out time to appreciate the other half.

  11. damn now we unmarried lot are left out of this :-)

  12. I miss Archies n Jughead :D

    I've become a little confident of my cooking skills because of the appreciations he showers on me :)

  13. 1. i learned to accept that i made the most horrible mistakes at the most horrible times... which, earlier, i used to mask under the garb of acts-of-self-preservation.

    2. i learned to accept that home cooking should never have to compete with restaurant cooking... and rightly so

    3. i learned that someone rightly said that -- good things come to those who wait... and that the brightest dawn shines right after the darkest hour.

    ohh... i love him so much :o) now i must go and plant a kiss on his cheeks though he is sleeping :o) see what you made me do :-P