Monday, August 25, 2008


Yesterday i.e. August 24, 2008 was Janmashtami. I had kept a 'vrat' (was fasting).

I ate one pear for breakfast, sabudana khichdi for lunch, sabudana-aloo cutlest for evening snacks and had kuttu poori with curd and aloo halwa for dinner. I know eating such rich food can hardly be called fasting :)

I also made the panjeeri (a sweet dish) that Ma always used to make on this day besides the other delicacies like "Makhaane ki kheer". I am drooling just writing about it. Anyway coming back to the panjeeri, this is one thing that I always make every year on this day just like Ma.

Although this year I goofed up a bit as my sugar syrup guesstimate was a little off and instead of the dish taking proper shape, it ended up as crumbles. For few minutes I was at a loss not knowing what to do and then I thought of trying to make some more sugar syrup and add it to the mixture. And the idea worked :) Call it fluke or whatever but for me its was great coz it worked! Here is one picture of the mithai -

And I made Anirudh wear a new Kurta-pajama set that I had with me instead of dressing him up up in Kanha dress like I usually do. And he still looked cute in it :)


  1. he looks SO cute!! :D
    and YOU... u keep writing abt food and making me hungry! :P
    happy janmashtami.. .albeit belated... :)

  2. Some of the best dishes in the world have resulted from goof-ups, accidents, wrong estimates and fasts, he he he.
    You always manage to tempt the visitors to your blog.
    The handsome hunk looks every bit the part.

  3. too cute :) And I love saboodaana too :) Can u share the panjiri recipe with me please :)

  4. he looks cute..and the sweet do looks yummy... can we get some? :)

  5. Oh, u had me drooling too.I love Sbudana khichdi & have my mom make it for me every time I go to my pihar.
    & Anirudh looks so cute in his Kurta.
    Happy Belated Janmashtami to you

  6. Yummy food! Cute Anirudh! belated Janmashtami wishes to you :)

  7. happy janmashtmi to you and bhaiya and anirudh! we too were upto something on janmashtmi (no temple-hopping this time though)... blogged about it too...

  8. nope, you're not lucky. you are just too bloody clever for us regular human beings.