Monday, August 4, 2008

Literary characters

Before you guys Raj & "Lost on the street" and kick me for taking up this tag so late let me remind you of a phrase "better late than never!" :D And when Monika tagged me too on this one, I got the final push to finally get cracking at it.

So here is my list. and I'm sure it would not be very different from yours. And please excuse me if I add some toon characters too. Rather excuse me if my list comprises mainly of toon characters :D

  1. George (Georgina) from Famous Five. I was so much like her as a person. Total tomboyish.
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  3. Hercule Poirot from Agatha Christie
  4. TinTin
  5. Dennis from Dennis the Menace
  6. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice - I hated him yet I liked him. I found him shrewd and at the same time I found him sexy. So basically I had mixed feelings for this character but I was quite intrigued by it too.
  7. Swami from Malgudi Days
  8. Beetle Bailey & Sarge
These are all I can remember off the hat! And now to pass the tag. I wonder if anyone is left who has not done it since I'm doing this after more than a month of being tagged.

I tag HDWK & Monika& Ansh to take it up if they feel like it!


  1. Monika has tagged me too on this. Devaki had tagged me on this ages ago, and I know she must be feeling like killing me (tell me, are there any tag related killings happening here?) But I was actually wondering if I could add toons, that was my dilemma cos all that i watch is toons. Your tag has been a great help.

  2. Done already....:) Loved the tag. Thanks. :)

  3. how i love Sherlock Holmes... and Dennis the Menace and Darcy from Pride & Prejudice...

    youtube/google videos/veoh tv have the british series on sherlock holmes and you are gonna love the way Jeremy Brett portrayed Sherlock's character... class meets class!

    and the best things about internet is that you can watch these serials online even at work in the downtimes... :o)