Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fear Factor - India series

Anyone been watching "khatron Ke Khiladi" - the indian series of Fear Factor where all these babes try and perform various stunts. Some are dangerous and some are yucky!

I try to watch them whenever I can and I think I'm really in awe with what all these girls have been doing. I was especially in awe with Yana Gupta! God! She has guts!! I've always found her so nonchalant and unnerved with any of the stunts!

Edited to add:
I actually hit the submit button when I was trying to "Save as Draft" and didn't realize my mistake until the comments started coming in.

So to continue the post on Khatron ke Khiladi, besides Yana, I admire the efforts that Pooja Bedi makes for each stunt. She will never give up. She tries really hard to compelte it. I remember the stunt she had to do with hundreds snakes on and around her. She was so damn scared becasue of some really bad accident that happened with her while shooting for a movie with snakes. But still she went and did it. And to me it was immaterial that she cried all the time and was shouting at the top of her voice. But she still finished the stunt. It really takes effort and strong will to do soemthing again which has left a bad scar on your mind earlier.

I do not remember the names of other girls but there are a 1-2 moer of the girls which I really admire for their strong will and guts. I think its a good program to watch.

I've never been afraid of doing stunts which are about heights and dare. But I know I can never ever get myself to do soemthing with those creepy crawlies! NEVER EVER! And that is why I am in awe with these girls who are participating in this show and even doing it! Hats off to them!


  1. Duh duh! New town, no TV, no shows for me:D
    Hows Anirudh doing?

  2. Yana Gupta is not an Indian by birth. That's why?

  3. me have no cable!! but have been hearing this discussed in detail at work everyday!! :D

    seems quite cool and interesting!



  4. I'ven't seen the show but I'm also in AWE of Yana ;-)

  5. Err... On which channel is it?

  6. Manasa: It comes on "COLORS"

  7. oh. looks like worth watching. we are so stuck on Desperate housewives these days that we haven't watched any TV for a long long time now.