Monday, December 15, 2008

You know its the recession time when...

..the cabs at the company get scratched off.
..the food available at the office canteen is either maggi or some biscuits.
..the tubelight fittings are reduced by 25%.
..the stationary gets more strictly rationed

But what takes the cake is when..

...there is no tissue paper in the toilets!!!!


  1. Goodness! Your workplace too :P

  2. :-O thatz heights of penny pinching...

  3. That's heights. The worst that my office has done is to reduce the size of out tea/coffee cups.

  4. Nice to now everyone still has a job – including me – now about the penny pinching herez the kicker…

    Our HR is just a pain in the b*tt – Slyly he got one staff to sit in the canteen to monitor how much time one employee spends & how many cups of tea is consumed by them – the report presented to the management had the following implications:

    1. NO Maggie allowed as it takes ten minutes to cook in the microwave
    2. Tea/Coffee will only be made in Smallest size disposable glasses – self serve
    3. No music in cafeteria as it makes you enjoy your time there
    4. no hand tissue – use the water faucet in the loo with hand dryer
    5. limits to the cafeteria limited to 2 visits per day per employee

    All in all turning our favorite lunch hour to a dreadfull work chore… Arrrrrgggghhhhhh………

  5. yep! it happened in my previous company as well!! at my new work place, the toilets are heaven!!! lots of water, toilet paper, tissues... :-)

  6. oh, didnt u know? No tissue in the washrooms is a cost saving measure that is so popular it has made it to the Economic Times! And an entire story dedicated to this hero! Imagine that!

  7. Upkaran : Yes, if we are complaining about our office, that surely means we still have the job.

    How do we... : We have a cloth towel roll for wiping hands and had tissue rolls only in the loos. And you definitely can't do without them. Although I know lots of people do waste lot of tissue.