Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Whats the worst thing you have done in a fit of anger?

I'm so so mad..at no one but myself for acting so insanely...

I threw whatever came in my hands on the ground on Saturday morning during a MAJOR fight with hubby. I had reached my saturation point that day.

It was only much later I realised I had thrown my wallet, table mats and *sob* *sob* my phone too..its broken now...bwaaaaaaaahhhhhhh..I really want to whack myself. I've never done such things before and I have made a resolution "Never again"

So here I'm phoneless and more than that Blackberryless since Saturday :(


  1. awwwww...

    hugs...and more hugs...

    *hoping u get a phone as a make-up gift?

  2. Ohhhh,
    so THAT is how the BB was the way it was.
    I should have known. you WAS mad at him that day, I could see.

  3. Awwww, thats so sad.. i can imagine reaching the saturation point with husbands rather easily. Will u believe that i also used to do this for a while.. so there's company for you.. and i still say the nastiest things when i m angry..

  4. How can you get so mad at Mr.Nice?


    hmmmm...anger always end up with repentance!

  5. Yeowch. Poor you.
    Can imagine - I usually fling my phone and computer mouse all over the place first thing when I'm mad!
    (Thankfully my Nokia is only Rs 2k, and the mouse one fourth of that). Wonder why flinging not-precious things is never as good a tension release.

  6. oh! i know exactly how you feel...

  7. Glad to know some one like me exists. I have broken my cell (moto razr) in 2 pieces.
    Hope you are feeling better now.

  8. Oh! hugs!!
    Are you feeling alright now and is your phone fixed?

  9. at least you didn't fling a pressure cooker...
    *then life would have been so dal* had to put it in the dal pun somewhere --

  10. aww...!! now i know!
    hope u guys have kissed and made-up?! ;)

  11. When I'm angry enough to want to throw about stuff, I throw pillows and shoes and that's it - stuff that can't be damaged! Try that next time.

  12. aaaww...anger can really turn its face back at you....
    hope things have settled down now...
    got your phone back?