Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meeting friends

Imagine this - Calling a friend every 1 hour who is traveling to Delhi to find how far is she and where has she reached. And when she arrives, you are hugging each other tight even before the friend takes a step inside the threshold. You are so busy chattering away that it takes you a few minutes to realize you didn't even offer them water after their 7 hour journey.

I'm sure each of you would have imagined two very good friends meeting after a long time. But obviously. But what if I tell you I was meeting her for the first time? Yes..thats right. We WERE meeting for the first time in person. Our main interactions were through the blogs and a little bit from the chats. I'm not talking about anyone else but Mampi! And we were joined soon in this ecstatic bonding session by How do we know.

I just cannot describe how much fun we had. The word 'fun' also doesn't describe what we all felt. And neither will I try to explain it. Nothing will come close to it.

And it was not just us. Anirudh and Howdy's son also had such a wonderful time! For a moment we felt that probably they were having as much fun as we were :D

Not to forget Mampi's hubby who was so sweet because he patiently sat with us yacking females despite being the only male in the house. I guess the 2 young boys can hardly be called company for him.

I had always read that it takes no time to make friends for life. And I could actually feel so this time.


  1. :)
    Am real glad I came over,
    Am real glad I found you. Meeting you has affirmed a long time belief of mine, STRANGERS ARE FRIENDS YOU ARE YET TO MEET.

    Thanks for this post.

  2. i sooo sooo agree!!

    And i second Mampi... strangers are friends we are yet to meet.. but then, you and i have met.. and even before meeting her, I knew she and i are friends.. she has that charming way with everyone! :-)

    Great post as usual... u take everyday and make it special with ur words... kahaan se seekha hai?

    loved reading this post.. was actually waiting to read abt the meeting on ur blog.. so this makes my day!

  3. Wow! This sounds like so much fun! I wonder when I'm going to meet blog buddies...

  4. i think would be scared to meet a blog buddy -- while writing my tongue can be comfortably tangled in my upper palate...

    but while meeting up?
    isnt it like a blind date?

    the words wont come out right
    and my hair-oil can be quite overpowering

  5. wow!! what fun!! i have to travel up north soon!! :)



  6. wow!!! me J... should meet up the next time i am in delhi

  7. u guys couldnt wait a few days