Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two awards

Meira and Monika sent 2 different awards my way in the past fortnight.
Meira gave me the "Thanks for Writing" award which one gives to their favorite commentators (or is it commentors?).

Monika gave me the "Proximity" award which one gives to, as the award name says, the people they feel the nearness and a bond.

Every time I receive one, I feel a certain sense of high. A sense of feeling good about yourself. But at the same time it makes me take a step back and take a look at myself and wonder what did I do to deserve such an award. And frankly I get no answer. So after many of such 'self-analysis' sessions which resulted in no answer, I've to actually make a lot of effort to just accept them graciously without thinking too much.

So thank you Meira and Monika. Thanks a lot for thinking about me and thinking of me as a deserving candidate for these awards.

I pass on these awards to
How do we know


  1. CONGRATS! :-)
    You totally deserve both the awards!

  2. U Go Girl…… Accolades……

  3. hey Congratulations!! And thank you for passing it on!

  4. hey good going, gurl!!!

    and the header pic is soooooooo beautiful :)

  5. congratz.... and thanks :) it does mean a lot... :)

  6. Congrats, N, on these two beautiful awards.
    ANd thanks for bestowing them on me too.
    Having hands full does not mean there is not room for more...
    An award is always welcome... Thanks so much again.