Friday, May 2, 2008

Yummylicious muffins!

Delicious chocolate muffins is what I and Betu had for evening snacks today! Yes..these sumptuous looking chocolate muffins! Ruchi, they are so yummy that its really hard to resist gobbling them all up!

My sister had sent this box of ready mix for chocolate muffins by Ghiradelli along with a silicone mold. The box talked about making them in oven and just because of that I had been shirking from making them for past so many months. Ruchi, I guess you will remember it more precisely when you actually sent them across.

But last to last week I tried to make half the quantity in microwave and I guess I over cooked them and thus they kept getting a little harder by time. But I still ate them all up :P

So learning from my previous experience I set the timer a little lesser and also made the batter a little more moist than the last time. And it worked!! I initially set the timer for 5 minutes but when they had been cooked for about 2 minutes I could smell a slight burning smell. So I stopped it and took them out. I inserted a knife to see if they are done and yes they were! In flat 2 minutes! And they were so soft and so yummy! They had little chocolate chips in the mixture and it it gave such a wonderful taste and texture to these muffins! Here are some pics of these yummylicious muffins!

The batter all set to be poured in the mold!

Batter poured in the mold and waiting to be baked!

Yummy muffins are ready to be eaten!

Anirudh enjoying the muffin! He loved them so much that he had 2!


  1. woman!!!
    can u go a day without blogging abt food!!!! i'm gonna blame all my weight gain to u now! :P

    p.s.: i LOUVE those muffins..!! :D