Friday, May 23, 2008

These men..

...I envy them coz they can tuck in their T-shirts/shirts in their trousers/jeans/pants and not feel conscious at all of their bulging bellies.

...They ughh me for peeing in the public and not feel embarrassed about it

...I wonder how can they be so nonchalant about a messy house/room/loo and be happy with it.

...Make me angry when they would cross over a piece of paper/toy/cloth/trash lying on the floor or in the middle of the room umpteen times but would never even think of picking it up and putting it where it is supposed to be.

...Irritate me when they come up with tonnes of suggestions on how things should be done but may have never done so themselves or will never do in future as well.

...Make me mad when they ask "What were you doing the whole day?" when something they had asked for is not done even if we have been busy taking are of the house/kids/work.

...How can they be engrossed in something that they cannot hear a child saying 'Papa' 'Papa' over 10 times standing right next to them.

These men...*sigh*...


  1. I typically agree with 2nd and the last one.

  2. true.
    If the stories about Mars-Venus were true, I'd wonder how bad life on Mars would be. :P

  3. I think I need to give you this link.

  4. Well, what do I say, I'ma woman, but the last one could apply to me. But I hate myself for it, when it happens. And it is not just restrictied to my son!

  5. Men are a woman's pet peeve!! Agree, agree, agree!! :-)

  6. Well, God (though He is supposed to be a Man) just didnt bother giving men any of the extraordinary capabilities we women are blessed with. However, men are human beings too. Forgive, forgive, forgive them !!! LOL

    Nicely done post. Well Organised thoughts...

  7. point 3 so gets on my nerves too...


  8. :-)

    Hey girl, I get busy for a few days with the move and I find another blog added to your list of blogs - well done !!Let me go and check your lovely betu's blog now !

  9. **Sigh** I guess I could sigh all day long for this topic.

  10. thats so true observation !!!
    but then what to do
    "men are from mars .women from Venus"

  11. ha ha ha...sems like you r talking abt some one i know remotely.. ;-D

    btw, i tagged you :)

  12. i must add here that not all men are alike as not all women are made of the same matter. or are they?
    anyways, nice blog. and yes, u do write well enough to prompt comments :)

  13. :D

    i have bit too much of testestrone too i guess!! i can be quite lazy crossing over toys till i stumble on them and get hurt!! hehe!

    but men! you cant live with them but even more so you cant live without them!


  14. Sighing with you!!
    Totally agree.

  15. these are the things we notice regularly in our lives..
    great to see it as a post...

  16. Am sure the list applies to a lot of men. But the man in my life definitely irritates me with the last point you made.