Thursday, November 29, 2007

A new page in the book of life...

The book is withering at the edges, the pages are turning yellow and cracking because of age. The writing in the book is fading day by day, year after year. And as I flip on to the next page, it throws a number in my face - written in bold, font size 100, underline and in quotes!! The number reads 32!! I prefer to read it backwards though! Sadly next year it won't make any difference whatever way I read it!

I don't know if I should be happy or sad! Frankly I'm feeling nothing. And that scares me even more. Am I really getting so old that I don't get excited by my own birthday? And the worst is when you realise its your birthday when you look at a post you just published and looking at the date you think "The date seems familiar..." and its then that it strikes you that its your birthday!

No..I think the worst is when you have to remind an online friend to wish you telling explicitly that its your birthday today! Height of desperation ehh?? But its true. That's what I did just a few minutes ago :D

But I just don't feel like 32!! I remember when we were in college the numbers 27-28 seemed those of old haggard aunties. And now that I'm way beyond those numbers which used to seem scary to me as a teenager, make no difference to feel old or haggard at all. In fact I still feel the same. As happy, as lively (shall I say boisterous? :P) and as young at heart minus the backache once in a while and the few strands of whites on the head and a few tyres around the belly. I'm still the same minus these.

So come on, go ahead and wish me and just ignore the number...OK? *wink* :D


  1. ~nm - Wish you a very Happy Birthday !! And don't look at the numbers, you are only as old as you feel ;-)

    So how are you planning to spend the day ???

  2. oh come on buddy!!!

    numbers are all man created...

    I had been feeling slowed down all last week.. till today moring i turned on Creed with the volume "for my neighbours" level and that pumps you out..

    have a fantabulous day... look ahead and not back...

  3. hey hon, happy birthday! :)
    have a really great one and you're only as old as you feel, remember that!

  4. happy b'day

    all the best.
    age is all in the mind
    till u r yourg at heart..nothing can faze u

  5. Happy Birthday...
    Hey, you are about the same age as me ;)
    .. and I 'stress' age is just a number. We are as young as we want to be :)

  6. Happy Birthday dear. Guess what, I know exactly how u feel. I touched 30 this year & I can feel the "tuks" in my bones ever so often. But today just forget & enjoy. What r the plans??

  7. hey! Happy Birthday! Its my sis-in-law's b'day too today. Have a great day and wish you a wonderful year ahead!

  8. NM,
    Age is a state of mind. Enjoy your 30's girl:)
    Happy B'day

  9. NM,

    Janamdin ki bahut-2 shubhkaamnayeN. Happy B'day !! Enjoy it to the fullest.

    How are you celebrating it ? Don't show me those mouth watering paranthas. I am a delhite too, so you can imagine my taste.

  10. hello hello!!!!


    Aapko kya laga tha ke main bhool gaya way :-)

  11. Happy b'day! You have to post on how the day was and what you did, ok?

  12. Hi Nids, Herez wishing you a very very happy b'day. c i'm 1/2 an hr away from 12 midnight so i've got the day right tho' i don't know where u must be so won't call you.

    i visit your site often - anirudh's really very cute ...and u r doing a fantastic job!! keep it up!

    Sowmya (or shall i say Sarayu's mom??)

  13. Thanks all! I had such a wonderful time yesterday evening. And with all of your wishes pouring it it made it me even more happier!!

    2B's Mommy, Monika, Cuckoo : We went to Sarvana Bhawana for some yummy south Indian food.

    Stone: no excuses/ really did forget it..sob...sob...

    Shobana: Yes Mam! I will :D

    Sowmya : Thanks! And how is Sarayu doing? Keep us updated!

  14. :-) Many many happy returns of the day, 30 year old lady!!:-D