Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ahh..the winters...and the goodies that it brings!

I'm not fond of the real cold winters but I like slightly chilly and slightly sunny kinds. With just a shawl or a half sweater and you are all set!

And I love this weather even more for all the yummy goodies that we can gorge on like hot pakoras with dhaniya-pudina chutney, stuffed paranthas for breakfast and a nice ginger tea to go along with it!

Just imagine just off the tawa gobhi parantha or methi parantha or for that matter even mooli parantha with a dollop of butter on top of it and if you are really lucky a pickle too! Yummm....

Or imagine right off the pan pakoras. Of all kinds - aloo, pyaaz, gobhi, palak..just any kinds! They are so hot that as you break them open a whiff of steam comes out and you blow it cold and dip it into the freshly ground dhaniya-pudina chutney or a nice thick ketchup! Slurrrp....

And after such feasts enjoying a big cuppa piping hot ginger-tulsi tea which you need to drink sip by sip lest you burn your tongue!

Such are the simple pleasures that you can enjoy in this kind of weather! I have decided deliberately to avoid any talk of the calories intake or the weight gain after such sinful food so that we can enjoy them thoroughly without feeling even wee bit guilty!!

What more would a man want with such wonderful things to keep him happy! Right???

And what more can you expect from a foodie like me! :D Just lots of talks and pictures on food, food and some more food! Happy eating people!!


  1. wow! i would really love that..and that too if someone makes it for would be great :) Enjoy!

  2. Yum yum yum ... why did I read the blog at 7:30am in the morning ... have no time today to prepare the same and cannot resist the temptation !!

  3. Heaven! Don't remind the calories now. The pakoras look delicious and so does the tea....looks very inviting.

  4. Mmmmm....I want that stuffed paratha, those pakoris and chai now ! Did you make all that for breakfast ???

  5. You are making my mouth water :)
    Ginger tea and hot pakodas - wow!

  6. @CA: I read the post at 4pm and turns out that is a bad time to read this too.. ;)

    nm: why are you doing this to me!this food talk - that too of specific kinds of food that I ám not good at making, but absolutely LOVE!!

  7. Allright..first chocolate and now this??:)lady,I blame you now for those extra pounds I have gained just watching these pics:):)