Saturday, September 15, 2007

He gets on my nerves too much...

I'm talking about my ohh-so-adorable-cute-little son here. Yes..he really gets on my nerves sometimes. So much so that I do not want to do anything with him and just want him to go away from me...

It really irks me that he just doesn't want to play on his own. He HAS to do all his activities with me. Whether its watching TV or DVD or coloring or playing with his puzzles...just about anything. He just doesn't do anything on his own. And I get irritated so much as there are times when I don't want to. I wonder what we used to keep ourselves busy with when we were young. There weren't so many activities/toys/TV/DVDs to keep us occupied. But I surely do not remember pestering our parents like he does to least I think so...

And what irritates me more is that when I'm watching TV and he's doing his coloring on the PC, he will leave that and would want to watch his cartoons on TV. So I let him watch his cartoons and once he's settled I go to the PC, within minutes he will want to watch his DVD on it.

So basically he wants me to be there with him all the time. I know he's not wrong in demanding that because he has spent a lot of time at daycare and now when I'm home and bring him back from school early he wants to make the best out of it by spending maximum time with me.

I do try to play and do activities with him but I get bored and tired soon. I wonder where am I going wrong. Is my thinking like this or getting irritated wrong on my part?


  1. hahaha....bhery bhery funny situation :-)

  2. Oh my Gosh! I didn't know this habit of Rishab could last so long. This could have been written by me. After a year of working on this problem, my solution to your problem would be that you try to do one activity with him. The important thing about it is you have to BE with him. Choose something which you like as well. Make a routine so that you can get used to it and he knows afterwards, it is time for him to play on his own or that Mumma will do something else now. He will protest in the beginning. But then if you have played with him for a while you can continue with your work withpout feeling guilty either. No solution is perfect, and there are days where I get too busy to do anything with him, or although i try but I am somewhere else in my thoughts. But I know that he deserves my Full (undiverted) attention every now and then. He has the right to it. I am with him practically 24 hours a day but that also does not make a difference. And you get so lavishly rewarded with kisses and "Mumma I love you". These things happen only when I LISTEN to him and spend TIME (undiverted attention) with him. Just now I reacted to his request to give him something (which he couldn't have taken on his own) without his asking it to me 3-4 times(which is the case so often :()and I was surprised to see the gleaming eyes and his happniess. AS I keep saying i am working on it.