Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Graffiti, it wasn't.

On the day of holi celebrations, as we were driving down on Khel Gaon marg towards Siri Fort Road, I saw a disfigured board of "Lead India Campaign". In the word 'Lead', someone had added a 'B' in front of 'L' and struck out 'a' and placed an 'e' instead  to make it read "Bleed India". I thought of it as a really bad joke by whoever did it.

But today I learnt that it was not just a disfigurement but a site with that name actually exists. I was very very surprised. Now I don't know if this site existed before the graffiti or did it strike someone to have a website concept like this 'after' they saw that graffiti. hardly matters now. Although once I looked at the website and some of the content up there, it doesn't sound as ugh as it had initially on that disfigured ad. Have a dekho here -


  1. It doesn't sound ugh, but it surely is in negative light. Totally cynical approach. Well, truth is bitter, they say!

    P.S.: How is the bacchha doing?

  2. As far as i know, it has a twist to it ! And its supposed to become apparent as you see more of it !

  3. Hmm...
    Need to check the website at home... it's blocked here now at work! :D

  4. even though at places it seems satirical, it speaks the truth..

    reminded me of another site where each MP/MLA's criminal record, all cases pending against him/her was shown ..

  5. i think its a part of TOI Lead India campaign itself! it talks about some pappu neta and all that jazz!

    and tell us what will happen if you DONT vote!

    i hope i am not wrong!


  6. Well, its an ugly way to show people the ugly face of political scene in india.
    Some things perhaps work best that way.