Friday, April 10, 2009

A break...

..not from the blogging too much of a chatterbox to do that. I'm talking about a break from the duties of a mother and a wife. As you already know that Betu is away on a holiday trip with his grandparents, today hubby also left for his official tour and they both would be back by Monday night. So till then I've total FREEDOM!!

Some of my friends asked me how am I coping up and I looked at them with raised eyebrows and said, "Coping?? I'm having fun!!" :D

After initial emotional, melodramatic moments, I'm actually enjoying this 'me' time. I've been watching some TV, reading "Sea of Poppies" and finally managed to watch the movie 'Iqbal' after having bought the DVD many months ago. Yeah I know I am invariably late in watching movies. Ok ok..make that VERY late. But haven't you guys heard of the saying "Better late than never"? :D

Anyways, coming back to the movie, I just loved it. In fact I was clapping away loudly and yelling "Yay! Yay!" when the main protagonist "Iqbal' played by Shreyas Talpade, took the wicket in one of the final and crucial match...hehehe... but it shows how much involved I was in the movie and how well made it is. Doesn't it?

And now coming back to my 'break', day 1 of has gone really well. Lets see how the day 2 goes. I'm sure it will be awesome too. I'm so loving this no responsibility, totally chilling out time. But I also know that I would want everything to be back to its routine soon.

I've to have my betu around me even if it means moments of madness. I've to have hubby with me even if it means getting on each others nerves.

Do I sound like one crazy person? Oh well...but you got that right. I AM one crazy person :D


  1. Awww.. u shld have come to that picnic.. it would have been fun!!

    Have taken lots of pics as discussed.. and what's more, we're heading back to the same place tomorrow.. no Lal Qila..

  2. "Me" time definitely sounds like fun. Enjoy madi!

  3. I like the movie too, very well made.

    Great that you are enjoying your 'me' time !

  4. Sounds like fun. And seems to me that you have been missing this for sometime !!

    Enjoy !

  5. good good :)
    "me" time is essential for everyone, if you ask me! :)
    Iqbal is a nice movie and I'm quite sure you will have a great day 2 too!! :)

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  7. No you're definitely not crazy! Just normal....
    'Me' time is essential...when we are not wife, mother, daughter...but just a carefree woman...doing what WE want to do...unaswerable to anyone!
    I enjoy my daily dose of ME-time, almost daily, post midnight, when hubby-baby are fast asleep...I read, listen to music, blog, or sometime just enjoy some cookies/ chocolate as a midnight snack!! ha ha ha!! Now would you still call yourself CRAZY? ;)))))
    But as you said....Me-time is good in small doses...we love to go back to the maddeningly normal times too...rejuvenated!

  8. Following you...hope it's OK with you!

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  10. Absolutely agree with that last sentiment about why you need to have son and husband around. :-D

  11. Oh--i sooooo need my time alone too!(as much as i love my family, there are times when i must absolutely be alone)

  12. Enjoy yourself, have a blast, weather in Delhi is also cool these days

  13. you are not alone dear.
    we all love time to ourself, dont we?
    someone take my kids off my hands ...