Saturday, January 17, 2009

The journey of 4.5 hours

Almost barren trees with leaves sprouting on some branches.

Kids playing cricked on open grounds where the wickets were made out of earthen bricks.

Ladies in colorful lahengas with gota work embellishments, sitting in a circle chit chatting, laughing and smiling.

A calf nuzzling up with its mother cow.

A little girl, sitting on the pillion seat of a scooter, carrying a really tiny baby goat in her arms.

A farmer working in the middle of his mustard fields surrounded by a sheet of yellow flowers.

A small white temple on the top of a huge barren mountain.

Little girls in blue uniforms with red ribbons in their hair walking to their school.

Little girls selling newspapers at the traffic signals instead of begging.

And finally the jubilation of Betu when we reached his Dadu-Dadi's place.

All these happened during 4.5 hours that made me smile and feel happy at heart.

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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  1. wonderful! you've brought a smile on my face too.

  2. Glad to notice that you noticed ! In a material world, so much of what you have so neatly noticed and captured here...go by the wayside ! It is lovely reading this piece !

  3. me smiling too :) on the way to jaipur

  4. :)

    its true how the journey is as important as the destination! :)

    lovely post!


  5. A fine portrayal of thoughts.On reading the above comments, I may not mention that I smiled reading the post, but the fact remains- I did smile.

  6. All of it says Welcome Home…… Smiles all around…… Joy

  7. You can express a lot by saying little, not like my ramblings but the picture is clear none the less.....thanks for the pictures that your words brought forth.

  8. wah wah
    kya poetry kar dali ji
    thank u.