Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is it just me?

Or do you all also find it funny when people wear layers of woollens inside the shirt and they appear as wearing only a shirt and pant during feezing winters?

Why doesn't wearing sweaters OVER the shirt seem like a good idea to them? I wonder...

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  1. Oh no!! Where did you see me??? I am so very guilty of doing this (thanks to my weird fashion sense!)... But thats mainly due to the fact that I am not too proud of the sweaters that I own, or should I say that I so not want the dress to be hidden under that woolen wrap!

  2. and there are kinds who wear round neck t-shirts under shirts in sweltering heat :-)

  3. sweaters? it has been ages since I saw someone wearing layers of woolen clothing... here in Hyderabad the max people need is one thin jacket and you are done...
    sometimes, only sometimes when I read posts like these, do I miss the bone-chilling winters :)

  4. hey!!

    i guess they are very proud of their shirts and not so of their sweaters...also some misguided souls think that the sweaters will serve their purpose better if worn close to the skin.

  5. I second Puja! :D
    Sometimes, it's much simpler to stuff a thermocot under a kurta than to lug a shawl along with it :P

  6. :D

    maybe their sweaters are not as nice as the shirt! maybe they have just one or two sweaters and dont wanna be seen in the same stuff everyday?!


  7. Guilty -nm!I love wearing polo neck sweaters inside and my kameez on top. I have no sense of style or fashion, I am the most unfashionable person I know. I just like polo necks! I wear them with saris too, with it taking the place of the blouse. But now I am in Bangalore and like Kunal I am missing the REAL winter of Delhi, these guys in the South do not know what winter is- agar kulfi na jam gayi to thand kaisa! Sigh my polo necks are stashed in the box bed now!

  8. Stone: And you are one of them!! :D

    Mama-Mia: Even I primarily use only 2-3 sweaters and am not ashamed about it :)