Friday, September 12, 2008


This post is to submit my photograph for the monthly photography contest on Point & Shoot. Have This month's theme is "Clouds". And the picture I would like to submit is -

Title: There are rays of hope even beneath the 'clouds' of gray!


  1. What do I say now ? :-)

    Excellent !!

    And I can see you have enabled that name/url thing. Thanks.

    And the makeover of template brought a freshness.

  2. BTW, on Anirudh's blog it is still the same. :(

    Name/url missing. Is it a widget or what ? I never had this thing on blogger and I have moved from blogger only 8 months back.

  3. awesome pic and excellent title :)

  4. Awesome, ~nm. Did you process it after clicking?

  5. @all: Thanks everyone! Even I loved it :)

    Manasa: No, no processing done. Its as original as it can be :)

  6. there is something for you on my blog :)

  7. gorgeous picture as always!! :)



  8. great snap...
    and an apt title...


  9. n emmie: i've come to this post a billion times by now. well, not exactly but u get the idea. everytime i got here, i wanted to write something ... saw the comments and got discouraged and left. today, i've gathered the guts .... and i know you wont get mad at me :( cuz i want to be honest.

    i felt this pic didnt do anything for me. there are reasons for it.
    1. sun is almost in the center that hurts the eye
    2. exposure is too high
    3. if you point ur camera directly towards sun like this, it'd hurt ur camera sensors badly if you are not using uv filter ...

    i felt that with lower exposure and focus on the clouds with sun as a support on the side, this pic would've turned out magnificent ... it has huge potential. i am sorry :( that's just my amateur view. i might be completely wrong but this pic really didnt do anything for me. obviously, it's just me cuz everyone else loved it. :) i just dont like light sources bang in the middle of the photograph.

    i only took the courage to write here this as constructive criticism cuz i hoped u wont be upset with me. plis plis plis no be mad :(.

  10. Thanks for the comment - but i think yours is definitely the winner (atleast based on my judgement :-) )