Saturday, July 12, 2008

Its raining....yay!!!

Finally after having such a humid day with cloudy skies but no sign of rain, it has started pouring....finally!!! :D

Betu always gets so excited whenever it rains. The moment he realised its raining, he went peeping from the netted main door of the house and came back to say "Mumma baarish!"

Again he went outside to take one more peep and came back even more excited "Mumma lighting!" He meant lightening :D

How I wish it was daytime and I could have floated some boats in the rain water that usually collects in the aangan. Night or day..who cares was Anirudh's thought as he rushed to dance in the rain while I was busy writing this post!

After jumping for a while I called him in lest he gets unwell. He bought some more time saying "Mumma 5 min?" and I let him. He came back in himself in less than 2 minutes saying "Main to poora bheeg gaya. Aaj to mausam kitna achha hai!" :D

Indeed sure is a lovely weather! Enjoy the monsoons everyone!


  1. Wow! so good that he had fun! We enjoyed rain yesterday but weren't as happy. Not that it is not good, but it makes the weather also so cold.

  2. :)

    which reminds me i havent got wet in rain on my own will in such a long time! bangalore has become warm again!

    lovely pic as always!