Friday, July 4, 2008

It's Friday...

...and neither did Betu wanted to go to school and nor I wanted to come to work.

After a lot of pushing and coaxing him to get ready he finally went although by the time I dropped him off to school is mood was slightly better as the cribbing and fussing had stopped. But I only say 'slightly' better since when I waved him bye he didn't even look back, and just lifted his hand lazily and waved a limp 'bye'! And I just stood there and watched him go inside.

He has come back from school and is now sleeping. But when he came back he was quite happy as the daycare supervisor told me. She also told me that he came back wearing a head band which said "welcome" and he was showing it off to all his friends in the daycare.

I'm so eagerly waiting to talk to him in the evening to ask him how was his first day at school after the summer break.


  1. Ansh was very excited about the first day of school after the vacation. So there these two guys are different.
    It's good that the weekend starts tomorrow. I like the fact that these days the schools usually reopen on a thursday or friday.

  2. Was it Anirudh's first day after vacations? I dont know why but the day kids' vacations end, I feel bad for them. Mine have ended, I m back to work, but somehow I want kids to enjoy even more, especially in this garmi.

  3. hmmm first day after vacation actually is gloomy :)
    But I can understand your feelings. It sure hurts to see the kids unhappy! So, how was his day?

  4. was my kids first day at school....i looked more morose than them...

    so hope betu was fine? it is so tough to do something opp to what your heart says...