Thursday, March 13, 2008

The tag bag!

If anyone would notice my last few posts have one thing in common. Did you notice? Or Didn't you?

Well..they all are tags! My tag bag has been getting filled in every now and then. The moment I feel elated that my tag bag has just one left from Swati about the 20 questions, which I have postponed way too long since it was passed on to me last month ( lazy can I get?), I get another one shoved into my tag bag.

I just counted number of tags that I've done so far and would have done by end of this week it comes to 16! And its long way to go before I celebrate the anniversary of this blog. Which further implies that I've been doing tags at a rate of more than 1 per month! Don't you guys think I should get some kind of a reward for that? And I just expect to hear 'ayes' from you...anything else and you will get a big swat on your bum from me! :P

So, I guess I better gather up my act together and start working on them one by one to finish them off this next week...pukka!


  1. Uh oh--that reminds me--I have pending tags too..But somehow there seems to be many more things to share (and so little time) that tags get kinda buried.
    But glad you are attacking yours though. :-)
    BTW--We used to leave our fishes with a neighbour.Or we used to give them a key.They say the fishes can survive upto one week just by eating things in the aquarium.(And btw, over feeding kills the fishes.) As regards my kids--right from when they were very young they handled animals and harming them wouldn't occur to them at all--I guess if kids are exposed from a very young age,and if you teach them to respect life, they naturally become empathetic.

  2. Ok ok I support you..(to escape from the swat of course..)BTW what reward do u want??

  3. i so know wot u mean! there was a point... when for 15 days... ALL i wrote were tags!
    that's y now when i had 3 identical tags... i mixed them all up into one tag and posted it. and untagged!
    i love tags.. but sometimes, it just gets too much...

  4. Hmm an award for doing tags ... cool idea. I guess, some one needs to spend some time with Photoshop and think of a cool tag line for the 'Tag Award'!! :)

  5. Whoa! That's quite a lot!

    Finished your tag, by the way. :)

  6. Reward for this achievement is BIG HUGS from me. Now that I know tags rain at this space, would you be kind enough to send a couple of them my way???