Friday, February 1, 2008

Why do meteorological forecast always go wrong?

Since the past 3-4 days every newspaper, every TV Channel and every FM station is talking about how Friday, Feb 1, 2008, is going to see a temperature of 0 degrees or maybe even lower than that here in Delhi.

Primary schools had been closed since the past 3 days because of the cold wave and with sudden dip in temperatures. But somehow I do not feel its as cold as its being talked about so.

And today, when they expected the 0 degree temperature, its actually warmer than the past 3-4 days. Talk about Murphy's law for the Meteorological Department :D

Now if the temperature dip actually happens late evening or night, then its a different story. I'm sure Met department will certainly rejoice in giving a correct foorecast for a change :D


  1. their average is normally good. its just that when they goof up... its hilarious! as long as we are not getting wet thanks to them!

  2. weBacchon ke to maze aa gaye :-) But why would they close the schools because of cold weather? Koi snow thore hi hai jo school main jo phans jayenge?