Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Aww..such cute backpacks!!

I definitely want to buy one of these backpacks for Betu if these kinds are available here in India.
If I make a guess, I think he will either go for a frog or a penguin. I will test my guess by asking him his choice when I see him in the evening. :D


  1. Oh these are cute!

  2. refreshing ones :-)
    I guess he'll go for lady bug or penguin :-)

  3. so cute.. I just bought a diego backpack last week for little Nantu..wish I had seen this earlier :(

  4. oh yaaa they look sooo cute...i have seen them in stores here and want to buy one for my lil princess as soon as she is ready to use them. Infact i was interested in buying one right away but DH stopped me from doing so :)))