Friday, January 25, 2008

From the Delhi roads!

Yet another amusing click from the Delhi roads. Although the picture is not very clear since I had to zoom to the max (of my phone) to capture the object which was quite far away :

I'm not sure if you can make out what it is. Its a 'Goat'. Yes. I typed it right and you read it right, its a goat getting a ride in a Daewoo Matiz :) What you are seeing in this picture is the face of one and the tail of another.

Actually there were total of 3 goats in the back seat and one in the front seat of this car.

When I saw this sight, for a moment I was not sure if the sight before my eyes was a reality and that I was not hallucinating :D

I know this is nothing out of the world thing but I found it quite amusing.


  1. Lucky goats!!! To sight see in style. Must have made your day.

  2. All times of india!!!!

    oh no, let them enjoy too na?
    no probs!!

  3. yes its a funny sight. but there's also a sad story behind most of these 'goats in car' sightings. we also see these on the way to mumbai.

    these goats are normally carried into town by the owner of the car for the bakri-id festival where these goats will be sacrificed and cooked for the feast.

    so its like the last joy-ride for the goats!

  4. @all : yes it sure was a funny sight.

    Guru: Thankfully I saw it recently and since it was not Eid, I'm sure rather hoping they were just being transported to another shelter and nit for butchering.

  5. lol
    I wonder how only NM manages such visual treats! :P

  6. LOL. Awesome!

    I wish I could have recorded this rather funny example of religious tolerance. "More Haj Piya" blaring on the speakers while the Saraswati Puja pandal was being made :P. Sure made me smile!