Thursday, January 10, 2008


I had quit my earlier job in August 2007. And I've been at home since almost 4.5 months now. I started searching again for one after about 2 months of being home. That is serious searching. And today suddenly I've two options that I've to decide between. One is from a renowned and a large company from the same field but the profile is larger than what I've been doing so far. The other is from again a renowned company in its field but the role is different than what I've been doing so far.

The first one requires on and off traveling out of India varying from a week to a month. This is something I've never done. Before we had Betu or even after that. I and Hubby were open to traveling before we had Betu. But now leaving Betu for so long is giving me shivers. At the most I've left him with his Dad for 2 days, 1 night when I had to go for a training in Manesar. I left at 8 AM on day 1 and was back home the next day by 7 PM.

And Betu is the biggest concern in all this. Will he manage without me for so long? How will Hubby manage taking care of him on his own? Even if we call his Dada-Dadi (paternal grandparents) will he be fine? Or will I be fine staying away from him so long? I've never stayed away from Hubby for more than 10 days. Or for that matter I've never stayed away from family minus the Manesar training. I wonder if its about Betu managing it fine without me or is it really about me managing to be fine without him? He is a kid and can be distracted with things but what about me? I guess the question is all about us being stronger emotionally rather than thinking if he will be fine or not.

I'm sure he will miss me initially and may make a ruckus but I've a feeling he will be fine over the time.

If we minus the traveling-concerns bit, its a great opportunity. It will give me international exposure which will definitely help me in future career wise.

Talking about the second one, this one is in Gurgaon, which means traveling about 1.25 hours each way, every day. What entices me to this option is that its in a field that I've never dabbled with before. Media. Advertising media, mobile media etc. So it gives me a new domain to learn and grow in. Here, I will in fact be leading a new initiative in the company. They had been thinking of starting this initiative for long but somehow it didn't materialise. And when I met them, they felt that probably I can lead it. So again its a job with great responsibility with a varied role and into a totally different domain. And doing something different is what I love.

So now I'm thoroughly confused what to do. I'm discussing it with family and lets see how we move forward as their views will help me and hubby decide on a choice. And then whatever decision we take, I will take it as whatever happens, happens for good :)


  1. All the best dearie. May you make the right decision for everybody. I can understand a little bit of what you're going through. Hugs

  2. Both opportunities sound very exciting! Good Luck :-)

  3. First of all Congratulations!!!

    Well, well well you're the best judge, just follow your instincts and all will be well!!

    Once again congrats and all the best!

  4. Based on my experiences of work-related travel, even though it gives an opportunity to have new experiences and rake in frequent flyer benefits, I think a trip of more than 4-5 days away from family seems long. The experience of international travel varies significantly with the country visited and countries where you can't do with English can be difficult places.

    If the job with travel has a lesser daily commute, then you can spend more time at home when not traveling.

  5. Congratulations ! All the best and do let us know.

  6. Yay!! Decision time.....whatever u choose, I am sure u will be happy...both sound good (Personally, the 2nd one sound Very good to me). But good luck and let us know, which u chose.

  7. hey congrats. i am sure u will be able to work i out for yourself..both look great and both hav their positives
    still my 2 bits- can't resist- bigger doesn't always mean better .. but since it is same, it is safer in a way that u don't have to go thru the learning phase & be a baby. i mean after experience of a few years u r expected to know the job. ina new role one might end up being clueless for sometime. so if u don't hav the patience to elarn, go thru that and there is added benefit of international travel. (for me it wud hav been a big hook) but as u say right, the kid is more important than any hooks/line / thrown in....
    for the 2nd one, if u r still keen on starting the outfit u were planning to, it wud make a great learning experience and most important we hav 1 life, how long do u want to do the same thing...why not take a chance and indulge yourself with something diferent
    all the best in whatever u choose

  8. :-D. You know having too many choices is as bad as having no choice. All the Best !

  9. For the first job , if you really want it, you need to make sure there is somebody who can take care of Anirudh. That way it would reduce your worries. So, talk to your DH thoroughly about it. Or you could even think of a nanny or something like that who can come for a few hours. As for getting used to it, that needs time. But then you must want that job really.

    As for the second one, do talk to people about it who work in that line.
    Wish you good luck!

  10. What ever you decide is going to be fine coz you have that inherent ability to deal with it. All the best and Good luck.

  11. Both the opportunities sound exciting. No one better than YOU can decide what is best for you ... Good luck to whatever you decide.