Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Demolition man err men!!

Today when I returned from some tid bit of chores in the nearby market, I saw a big crowd at one of the gates of our society. I wondered. Then as I went a little ahead I saw a 'scoop' from 'Bob the Builder' as betu called it :D It was basically a earth moving machine and then I recalled someone mentioning that unauthorised construction will be demolished by the municipal authorities in the society soon.

And as I approached the entry gate I use I saw the security hut had been demolished. I was shocked and angry.

Shocked because about an hour ago it was intact. And now it was in complete shambles. Angry because the municipal authority decided to leave the houses intact who had violated construction guidelines but decided to break the place where the watchmen sit to save them from sun, rain and cold winter days or shall I say nights? I agree the construction of that security hut was also unauthorised but it was made for the security of the society. It was not hurting anybody but for the help of the society members.

There are tonnes of people who have extended or made unauthorised construction which actually bother the neighbours. Why leave them and target the security hut?

But why should the municipal authority be concerned about the society's security. It's the headache of the police department. Right?

Probably they thought let's not go empty handed since they had come all the way and atleast demolish something.


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  1. hmmm..aisa hi hota hai...and no worries after 2-3 days phir security-card ka room banwa dena...yep aise hi hota hai :-)