Friday, May 4, 2007

Why should I write?

After the "Do I write?" question asked by few close people I got a little excited and started this blog and even wrote few intro paras. After sometime, pondering over the idea I was wondering why should I write?

You may think, what a stupid question!! But for me its really important to know the reason or the logic behind. Without logic I just can't go any further. Whether its a decision that I need to take or some article that I'm could be just about anything. And my dear husband, who I'll from now on refer to as DH, sometimes gets so irritated with this habit of mine. He will say, there need not be any logic or reason behind everything. But I never get convinced that easy and that kind of blows the fuse off so many times! But I guess he's learning to live with me like that! :D

Coming back to the subject of "Why should I write?". I started thinking why did I start writing my diary when I first started it. I had to think for a long time..very very long time! I thought of tons of reason but then I realised they were all sham. The real truth was that it was my secret friend who would keep all the secrets I shared with it by itself. It was also my venting ground. But primarily it was the diary of my secrets..things I did without telling anyone, things that I did when I was specifically told not to do so ( OK..I confess I was quite a brat), the guys I secretly admired during my college days, the family members I didn't like despite them being very close part of the family and I was or rather pretended to be all happy and smiley when in their company, etc..etc..etc..

But now, when I've decided to start writing again, what should be the reason behind all these writings? Do I still need a secret friend? Rather DO I NEED a secret friend? At one point my thoughts were "No! You are grown up enough, old enough to not need a secret friend!" Then my other voice told me "Whats that got to do with age?? You always need a secret friend..someone who will listen to you without being judgemental! Who will do nothing but LISTEN! You don't get those kind of people easy so this is the best pal you can ever have!". I kept toying with the idea all morning, all the time I was driving down to work, at work before I got called for a meeting and until now.

Finally I decided, "GO FOR IT!" You've nothing to lose. You can always stop if you feel it's not worth it! So which means you will hear more from me in the future..the future that I can foresee as of now.

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  1. Yeah ..a secret friend ..we always need one , no matter how grown-up we are. We always need someone who just listens without telling you .."Stop Cribbing ..Will you." But then a secret friend over the web..yes you will have many strangers around you to comment but you will have those near and dear ones too with whom you never wanted to share these thoughts ..What about that ???