Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Perpetually Hungry!

I'm perpetually hungry. Its very rare that I don't feel like eating. Even now i.e at 12 noon, my stomach is growling despite the fact that I had two slices of toast around 8:15 in the morning. It seems like I haven't had a meal in 24 hours.

Earlier when I was lean and thin, I never bothered about how much I'm eating. And somehow I never gained too much weight despite eating a lot. I remember when I was working in CP with a designing firm, there was a Nirulas bang opposite our office. For months (5-6 months) I used to have an ice cream after lunch! Every single day! Except for Sundays when we would have our offs. I was very sad when our office moved to a different location just because of my ice cream. Yes I was sad despite the fact that office was now just 15 Min's away from home! Some people used to tell me what a moron I'm for not feeling happy that my office is so close to home! Well..who would tell them ice cream was more dear to me! Sigh!

Now I fall in the 30+ category, and have gained a lot of weight with big tyres forming at the waist and with a tummy which looks nothing less than a belly of a 4 month preggo lady. No kidding..DH keeps teasing me about it since everyone is after us to have a baby, he says it will come good to fool others saying yeah, we are having a baby! Meanie! He doesn't look at his growing tummy!

Gone are those leaner-thinner days and I have to try not to eat stuff that will make me gain weight. Although there are days, too many to be truthful, when I ignore my growing weight and just eat whatever I want to eat. Like they say "Old habits die hard!!"

Had it been those earlier days I would have gone and bought a packet of chips or biscuits but now..*sob* *sob* I'm just sitting and writing this article and trying to ignore the feeling of hunger. Sigh! Those were the days! Sigh! Sigh!

I remember how my office colleagues would tease me saying if you can't find her, find food, she will be right there! My desktops always had wallpapers of something yummy! I know some people who eat just to live. I wonder how can anyone be like that! I'm a person who lives to EAT!

Food, Food, Food..Wonderful food!

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