Friday, July 13, 2012

Horrifying, atrocious, monstrous

Any number of similar adjectives will be less for what happened to the girl of class XI.

The faces of these men should be posted all over so that they can be caught and punishment which reminds them of this heinous act every single day making their life hell.


  1. I dont agree with the punishment that will be meted out to them... in the end, the charge will be "outraging modesty". They'll be out in months sometimes.. These kind of people need to be lynched in public. Set an example. It isnt like there is scope for maybes here - its open and shut. You know they're guilty. This happened in Mumbai in 2006. What difference did it make in people's mindset if it still happens ?

  2. These wackos identified, yet lets see what the law does, your post is continued further at :

  3. the indian government in my opinion, must make really strict laws as punishments for any kind of molestation, eve teasing, and specially for rape. perhaps the fear of the law will help in making changes since nobody seems to fear god anymore.