Friday, June 13, 2008

The jams..

I left home today approx 30 min later than I usually do. Thanks to my cook's disappearance act! It was 9 Am by the time I left the house. And by this time the Okhla flyover and the road to Okhla Phase I is pretty jammed. But today I was lucky that Okhla flyover was pretty clean. It was only the road to Okhla that was jammed. Since half the road on each side has been blocked because of Metro construction in progress, no body can help it as such.

It had suddenly rained around 7 in the morning and had stopped as suddenly too. The sky was still cloudy. and nice cool breeze was blowing. So despite being stuck in the jam I was not getting irritated. In fact because of the crawling speed of the traffic, I could enjoy the trees, growing on both sides of the road, looking fresh and green. Because of the jam I could notice the fresh brown colored leaves that had sprouted on almost all the trees that I could see around. Something that I would not have noticed otherwise while zipping to work.

Its been ages since I held a new baby leaf or even touched it. How soft and translucent they are. Just like our own babies!

On an electric pole I could see two pigeons sitting on the wire pecking each other with their beaks and fluttering their wings.

On the pavement I saw a momma dog with 3 puppies playing and toppling over each other.

I saw the street urchins playing with each other and running around totally carefree. They had made kites using newspaper and tied a string at one end. And they were running holding to the string and the paper-kite was bobbing up and down. And they were so happy!

I smiled looking at all these things. And then I pondered how in our busy schedules, trying to rush from one place to the other, running after one goal to the next, we just do not enjoy such little little things. How our minds are jammed. I felt sometimes the jams in our minds is worse than the jams on the road. The jams on the road can be cleared much easily and faster than the ones in our minds.


  1. :) beautifl... sometimes, something as mundane as a traffic snarl makes us open our eyes and appreciate things w eusually overlook... in out tight scheduled life, often we overlook small small thinsg which brings us pleasure.. and we dont even realise that... onc ein a while, slow down from teh life nad get out - touch teh leaves, watch the rainbow and dance in the water... it feels so refreshing :)

  2. Nice post :) Quite true also. Since I dont drive myself , I notice all around more frequently.

  3. A beautiful post. In the beginning I was wondering, ooh! the traffic jams of Delhi! But this was quite unexpected. :)

  4. reminds me of a poster i had 'ten things i learned from my dog'.. one of them was 'always take time to smell the flowers' :) ..
    you're right, life does pass on while we try to make a living, but then we are never sure of what kind of living we want :)

  5. yes,u r vry right.i remember those days of childhood,when we were so simple and easy we r growing we r losing our simplicity and easygoing nature.we r forgeting that most of the happeness are in very simple form.likewhen i wake up early in the morning and go for swiming on the way to pool,with my friend i enjoy so much.we talk we laugh and do lot of masti.i feel like i m back in my childhood.
    thanks for sharing.

  6. Ya there is so much one can do during these unexpected intervals from routine - only we are so bogged down by our "to-do" things that we forget to enjoy what these have to offer.
    Nice thought.

  7. hi
    i miss delhi so much...
    ur post made me nostalgic

    life's little pleasures

  8. :)

    arent these the kind of things that make life what it is meant to be? a pleasure trip!

    its indeed nice to notice the silver lining! :)


  9. "Jams in our minds"- that is put across really well

  10. hmmm
    seems monsoon IS calling to u on delhidreams

  11. Lovely post and yes Jams are in our mind!