Tuesday, August 21, 2012


You feel a void when a member of the family doesn't stay with you any longer.

Even though the interaction was not much. Even though you needed to be careful on how to speak and behave in front of that person. Even though the wavelengths didn't match much. Even though there would be conflicts. Still there is a void that can be felt.

I'm talking about my FIL who had been staying with us since the past 5 months after we had Nishka. He was staying with us so that I can join back work and Nishka can stay at home till the time she was about 10 months and ready to go to daycare. Since we started Nishka's daycare from mid of August, he went back this weekend.

It was a daily routine for me to go to his room after coming back from work and spend about 30-40 min there talking to him. Dinner time would mean setting 4 plates and conversations on the dining table. And now when I have to set 3 plates I feel the void. Something feels amiss.

There was a constant sound of TV that we could hear in the house. And now suddenly the house is quiet. Too quiet.

Nishka had also developed such a bond with him. She would look at him every time she would do something as if to see if he was watching or not and to get his commendations. She would leap towards him and give out such big smiles. Pulls his specs, jump on him and want him to pick her up now and then. And he would also indulge her in so many ways. Am sure she doesn't realise now but soon she will miss him him too when she realises that he has gone back.

Papa - You are being missed.


  1. Hi..first time here..

    Reading ur post made me remember my FIL who also wanted to stay with us to help me out with my daughter so that i could get back to work..but sadly, he stayed with us when he was terminally ill and passed away soon..

    I could connect to most of the things you mentioned..i feel the void too..

  2. Many times silence speaks loudly. Especially when blended with love.

  3. this is so true...one just gets used to people being there. even takes them for granted. but its when they are not around, thats when u realize how important a part they were of your life.

    Hope Nishka gets to stay and play with Dadu again soon.

  4. :-) I get how you feel.... hope he comes back soon..