Monday, August 8, 2011

Biggest fear...

Hey everyone...this question is for all the people who were parents-to-be at a point of time or who are currently waiting for the little one to arrive soon...

"What was/is your biggest fear before you delivered your baby?"

I know I've not been regular on the blog and do not expect a lot of responses, but I'm still hopeful of getting some :)


  1. :) I was very sure of dying either before or immediately after my child was born. I was so convinced about my death that I stopped buying new clothes (yeah, for me that is a BIG deal!!I guess its just the hormones playing games with you!!

    Hope you are doing well and are keeping healthy :)

  2. after spotting in the fifth month, my biggest fear was that I'd lose my baby... but I refused to admit even to myself, that I WAS afraid.
    :-) But hey! WHY are you pondering on fears now???? Put up a post on things you look forward to in your darling. Hugs!

  3. With the twins, one of my biggest fear was they should not be pre-term babies. Thankfully I carried them to full term. With the third one, she had a positive on a soft marker test for Down syndrome. My god, I was paralyzed with fear. The two days wait for the Amniocentesis result seemed endless. My biggest fear was, what if the baby did turn out to have Down syndrome? What next? Worst 2 days of my life.

  4. I had a similar experience as mnamma....a test said down syndrome and all that i read about amino gave me goosebumps.

    Finally a Doc other docs refer to as God of ultrasound did extensive tests and said 'no fear'

    however the doubt and fear continued till Aarini was born.

    was also under the impression that I would die in child birth...but told God am ok with that if only the kid would be ok.