Monday, May 9, 2011

May 12, Thursday

You remember my earlier post about the importance of this date and how it is still etched in my mind?

I just realised that this year we have the May 12 falling on a Thursday. (I do not know how many other May 12 have fallen on a Thursday since 1983 till date. Do you?). And when I realised this I had a big smile on my face. I was taken back to this day in the year 1983. And the rest you have already read about :)

This whole date and day together are etched on my mind so hard and am sure even if I, god forbid, have Alzheimer's in my old age, I will never forget this :)


  1. :) There are something even old age can't take away from u.. :) This memory for example :)

  2. Real memories are etched in the heart.
    What mind forgets, heart remembers.

    Lovely post!!

  3. may 12th is when we had our wedding reception in canada. :) so that day is special for me too.