Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm loving it!

Today Betu was cuddling with me and noticed some pimple marks on my cheeks. He told me apply cream so that it can get better.

I laughed and told him "Teri Mumma buddhi ho gayee hai."

He immediately replied "Nahi. Aap abhi buddhe nahi ho. Aap to young ho!"

I was on the 10th heaven hearing this and felt this was the best compliment I had got from him or for that matter anybody lately.

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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  1. That's awfully cute...must have made ur day!

  2. Thanks for sharing such a warm mother son moment...children can make you feel so young and energetic!!

  3. These are the best compliments that one can get!

  4. oh but i second him! budhaapa aur tum par? scene ille!

  5. dekha ..main bolti hoon toh nahi manti ..ab usne bola toh maan gayi :)