Sunday, May 3, 2009

The bundt marble chocolate cake

Remember the bundt cake I had written about in this post but couldn't post pictures?

So I made that cake again yesterday and here is the pic of it :)

Looks beautiful na? :D

Edited to add: The recipe had been posted long ago here. I made 3 times the portions mentioned in the recipe.


  1. wish technology was so advanced that I could just dig my hand in and take a bite.... sigh....

    I WANT CAKE!!!!

  2. ooh.. good.. me watering in mouth.. :-) me want to be ur neighbor.

  3. ooh.. good.. me watering in mouth.. :-) me want to be ur neighbor.

  4. i so want to eat this now, can we have the rec my dear

  5. -nm you are the greatest baker I know! Good work!

  6. OMG.. It looks so mouth is watering feel like having a cake :( unfortunately I can't too bad.

  7. You know what.. when I come Delhi NEXT TIME... I will definetely come to visit you for this cake. what u think..

  8. So you found the cake just to click a picture and show it to us.. !

    Ok !


  9. WoW!!! Just WoW :-)

  10. @all: makes me feel happy that you all found it tempting.

    Howdy: can relish them by just dropping over at my place anytime. This cake takes only 40 min (prep + baking time) and its ready to eat.

    Monika: Have linked the recipe in the post.

    Diya: Although sunnem ein achha lagta hai but seriously yeh thoda zyaada ho gaya :)

    Angel: Sure :)

    Kavi: What do you mean by 'found'? If only I can 'find' them lying around *wink*

  11. Yum!! :)

    how come we get only pics and not the real cake?!!
    Not fair!! :P

  12. I am sick.

    I am at home and its almost time for tea.

    you KNOW that theres nothing more I want that a piece of this cake with my cup of tea! :( I really shouldnt have visited your blog today! :)

    The point is - it looks delish.

  13. I am going to bake one today. Paulo Coelho's 'sign' funda really got me, and I feel this is a sign --- mine is gotta be good!

  14. ***drool*** parcel this to me, plz :D