Monday, November 24, 2008

What do you do when... open your Reader and see 1000+ unread entries under the head "blogs", 1000+ under "Technology", 248 under "Food Blogs", so on and so forth?

I'm not talking about random hypothetical numbers. I'm talking about REAL figures that I saw when I logged on to my Google Reader after almost 1 month. has been that crazy. The regulars at this blog will know from the frequency (or shall we call it infrequency?) of the posts here lately. The month is about to end and I've written ONLY 2 posts so far! Can you beat that??

Anyhow coming back to the counts in the Reader, those big scary numbers which hit me on the face when I opened it today, I got so nervous that I just closed the darn Reader down. After all I'm just a human. Even Google stops counting after 1000 and starts showing mere 1000+ :D

I had one easy option of marking them all as read. But I didn't want to. Coz I wanna read them all!!! Maybe I can set a target for myself to finish reading them before the arrival of new year. I guess I can definitely try and manage that!

Anyhow the purpose of this post was to let everyone know that I'm still alive and that I will definitely read every one's posts and comment as much as I can! Happy blogging till then everyone!!


  1. 1000+!!!You got one interesting job to do :D
    Happy reading :)
    And take care

  2. we miss u around. do get back on track fast. what's been keeping u so busy?

  3. happy to see an update.. was thinking of shooting a mail or pinging you today evening, and then I see this :)

  4. Good luck with your 1000+.
    Maza toh isi zindagi ka hai na, ke google ko bhi counting chorh dene pey majboor kiya jaye...

  5. lol!!
    some task u have, gurl!
    get back to ur frequency soon!
    u're being missed! :)

  6. gud to c u back..kya hua tha?

    Did i tell u the latest? My dear son pulled his elbow and ended up dislocating the bone...

    He's better now.

  7. It could be because of me: whenever I put somebody on Google Reader list, they disappear. Like you.

  8. I was wondering where you dissappeared to. If it was me, I would marked them all as read. BTW, how many blogs are in your reader ;)

  9. Good question Asaan. I've about 350+ in all the folders i.e. blogs + food blogs + tech etc..

  10. I can definitely beat that. I had something like 2 posts in 6 months. Happy Reading!

  11. see you around soon and often!! :D



  12. don worry it was a bug...

    glad you are debugged

  13. almost same haal here glad i have company!! hows betu?

  14. was wondering where you had disappeared to esp after the cryptic remarks on the tummy etc ;)

    sorry..poor joke...kya karein control nahi hota...:D

    but reading 1000+ posts...herculean task...happy reading...:)

  15. Waiting for a detailed - 'Birthday' post..of course with snaps.

    Belated Happy Birthday :-)

  16. You know what your blog needs...another award to display :P
    And guess where you'l find one :P